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#1 Introduction: Meet Matt

First session of KINGDOM101. Henson provides an introduction and overview of the Gospel of Matthew, drawing implications and lessons with kingdom perspectives.

#2 Matt 1:1-17 All in the Family

The genealogy in Matt 1:1-17 shows us that everything points to Jesus the Messiah, the new genesis. In Him, we have been grafted into the richness and fullness of this royal heritage. No longer do we need to look backwards and keep blaming our past. We can look forward because of who we are and what we have in Christ!

#3 Matt 1:18-20 Mess & Messiah

Messianic missions can be messy. Henson Lim shares five observations and lessons from Matt 1:18-20 that will help us rightly position ourselves as we go about our kingdom assignments for Jesus the Messiah.

#4 Matt 1:21-23 Name Calling

What is the significance of the names of JESUS and IMMANUEL in Matt 1:21-23? With familiarity, believers may have taken these for granted and missed the bigger picture. Henson Lim provides the background and context, and challenges all to live for the KING who both saves and stays.

#5 Matt 2:1-12 Go the Distance

Would you go the distance for Jesus and His Kingdom? It all depends if you are insecure, indifferent or interested. Allow Henson to challenge you as he explores the all too familiar Christmas passage in Matt 2:1-12.

#6 Matt 2:1-12 Where’s the Band?

In this teaching, be challenged to understand what biblical worship really is, beyond music and song. Henson explores the largely misunderstood topic of WORSHIP through Matt 2:1-12 and presents seven aspects for practical application and living.

#7 Matt 2:13-15 Wake Up Call

From Matt 2:13-15, Henson explores Joseph’s ‘wake up call’ and how that contributes to a much larger prophetic move of God in Jesus. This results in a ‘take out call’ that leads to a ‘sent out call’. A powerful message that challenges every believer to respond to his or her own wake call and be a part of what God is doing in these days.

#8 Matt 2:16-18 Drama in Ramah

How do we understand the evil that God allows in this world? Matt 2:16-18 is about Herod killing innocent children, but it also contains a message of hope and restoration. Against the Herodian backdrop that still exists today, don’t miss the prophetic significance in this passage and how we are respond to participate in God’s sovereign plan.

#9 Matt 2:19-23 Nazarene Nursery

Matt 2:19-23 brings the opening two chapters of Matthew to a close. It sets the scene for the growing up years of young Jesus as He is prepared for His Messianic assignment. In this teaching, Henson shares seven points about how the exposures, experiences and environment in our lives shape and prepare us towards our kingdom assignments.

#10 Matt 3:1-12 Prepared & Ready

God breaks prophetic silence with the appearance of John the Baptist. This survey of Matt 3:1-12 explores nine points about John and what we can learn from this voice in the wilderness. It challenges those who consider themselves people of God to examine if they are prepared and ready; and in turn, making others ready too.

#11 Matt 3:1-2 RE:TURN

The very first word of John the Baptist’s message was “Repent!” Henson handles a topic that is not popular today but still relevant and much needed. He examines and exposes attractive but deceptive statements prevalent in certain Christian circles, and then presents what biblical repentance is truly about.

#12 Matt 3:7, 10-12 Flame On

John the Baptist was a fiery preacher with a fiery message. God’s wrath and hell fire are not exactly popular topics to address but no less relevant and needed in these last days. In this teaching, Henson unpacks John’s references to fire and brings kingdom implications for believers of Jesus the Messiah.

#13 Matt 3:7-10 Stones to Sons

The Jews prided themselves as descendants of Abraham. Unfortunately, heritage, institutional religion and tradition can harden and deaden. If we are not careful, it can happen to us too. Thankfully, God is still in the business of turning stones to sons through faith in Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through this teaching on Matt 3:7-10, Henson challenges all believers to ponder the questions, “Who is your FATHER?”, “What is your FAITH based on?” and “Is your faith bringing forth FRUIT?”

#14 Matt 3:11 Immersion Programme

Launching from Matt 3:11, Henson introduces the Holy Spirit as God’s Kingdom Immersion Programme for all who believe in Jesus the Messiah and King. Whatever our tradition or experience, one thing is clear: The Body of Christ needs the Holy Spirit! Don’t miss the prophetic significance of this teaching/message as Archippus Awakening celebrates our very first year.

#15 Matt 3:13-17 Where’s Wally

What does Wally have to do with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist? This teaching based on Matt 3:13-17 is all about identification. Because of what the Messiah identified with, we get to identify with Him and are identified by Him! Question is, “Do we identify with and accept our kingdom assignments?” Will you be God’s Wally?

#16 Matt 3:16-17 Sun Sand Surf

“Sun Sand Surf”? Jesus was definitely not baptised at the beach but in the River Jordan. Listen to this teaching as Henson unpacks the Father’s declaration over Jesus in Matt 3:16-17 and challenges all not to be beach bum believers but God pleasers!

#17 Matt 4:1-2 Beta Testing

Henson unpacks Matt 4:1-2 in this introductory session to the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. This foundational teaching brings perspective to understanding the seasons of wilderness, the need for tests and why God allows temptations.

#18 Matt 4:3-4 Bread Talk

It’s bread talk as the devil tempts the Bread of Life to turn stones into bread. Henson examines four sub-points within this first temptation of Jesus and finally issues the challenge not to only be talking about bread but to live by the Word of God.

#19 Matt 5:7 Twister Alert

What was the second temptation of Jesus in Matt 4:5-7 all about? And what does it mean for believers today? Serving as a Twister Warning System, Henson highlights dangers and deceptions as the Word of God continues to be twisted and perverted. Truly, the old serpent has no new tricks. Be warned and be alert!

#20 Matt 4:8-10 Who’s the Boss?

Who is really boss in your life? When does a blessing become a bait? Can we have success without suffering? What does it mean to worship God only and why is it important? Henson deals with these challenging questions through the 3rd temptation of Jesus in Matt 4:8-10.

#21 Matt 4:12-17 From That Time

More than just announce the operational base of Jesus in Galilee, the connecting passage of Matt 4:12-17 shows the importance of discerning God’s appointed times as we prepare and posture for His kingdom assignments. Glean five key principles and be encouraged that God is still looking to work through Galileans today.

#22 Matt 4:18-22 Follow

Understanding Matt 4:18-22 contextually will open our eyes to what Jesus was really inviting the fishermen to. In this teaching about discipleship, Henson asks seven interpretative questions and provides answers that will provoke believers to the next level of following Jesus.

#23 Matt 4:23-25 Trending in Galilee

When Jesus began His public ministry, news spread and He started trending in Galilee. Whether an introduction or a summary, Matt 4:23-25 encapsulates the three key elements that must be present in all kingdom initiatives: teaching, preaching, healing. Don’t miss the prayer for healing at the end dedicated to all listeners on our SoundCloud Channel.

#24 Matt 4:25-5:1 Multus Discipulus

Building on the message “Follow” about discipleship, Henson dives deeper into the subject in this teaching. From Matt 4:25-5:1, the terms ‘multitudes’ and ‘disciples’ are explored, and common misconceptions cleared. This final session of Phase II ends with a challenge and a prayer of recommitment.

#25 Matt 5:1-2 Mount Makarios

Although familiar and often quoted, the Sermon on the Mount is not easily understood or applied. This introduction provides the foundation needed before one attempts to fully appropriate the teachings of Jesus. In this teaching, Henson makes four key observations of Matt 5:1-2, welcomes one and all to Mount Makarios (the Mountain of Blessedness, Matt 5:3-12) and then provides a broad structure of Jesus’ Kingdom Manifesto. Listen, and then dive deep with us in the next sessions.

#26 Matt 5:3 The Break First Club

Being poor in spirit, or brokenness, is not a trait we particularly crave for. And yet, according to Jesus, the first beautitude in Matt 5:3 is foundational to fully appropriating kingdom blessedness. In this teaching, Henson invites all to “The Break First Club”, explaining what true brokenness is and how that positions us to receive the fullness of the kingdom of heaven.

#27 Matt 5:4 Good Mourning!

What’s so good about mourning? Understandably, mourning is not what we look forward to. And yet, in Matt 5:4, Jesus declares that those who mourn are considered blessed because of the comfort they shall receive. Henson answers two important questions, “Why do we mourn?” and “How do we mourn?” Having the right perspectives will enable us to suffer well that we may be rightly positioned to enjoy the blessedness of the kingdom!

#28 Matt 5:5 Me, Meek?

How do we understand meekness in a dog-eat-dog world? In this teaching, Henson takes time to define what biblical meekness and how it affects believers across seven practical aspects of spiritual life and relationships. He also cautions against the extremes of Christian dominionism, bringing balance and perspective to how we are to see and understand our inheritance in Christ through eschatological hope.

#29 Matt 5:6 Just In Time

When Jesus, the King of Righteousness, speaks about hungering and thirsting for righteousness, we must most certainly take heed. From Matt 5:6, Henson teaches about righteousness and what it means for believers beyond the receiving of the gift of righteousness by faith. If you have never heard a teaching on righteousness, don’t miss this.

#30 Matt 5:7 Mercenaries on Mission

Be challenged by this kingdom requirement in Matt 5:7. As recipients of God’s mercy, it is expected of all believers that mercy and grace be likewise extended. Beware of mercy stealers and killers that keep us from being merci-naries on mission for Jesus and His kingdom.

#31 Matt 5:8 Heart Issues

Brace yourself for a detailed study of the hard issues that affect the condition of all our hearts. Consider the plight but also be encouraged by the promise declared in Matt 5:8, that those with pure hearts shall see God. In this teaching, Henson makes effort to define words and concepts that are familiar but often misunderstood. Get ready to be challenged!

#32 Matthew 5:9 Master Peace

If believers do not first understand peace, how can we be peacemakers according to Matthew 5:9? And yet, that is what Jesus, the Prince of Peace, expects of His kingdom subjects. in this session, Henson teaches about peace and being peacemakers through five points, bringing the listener from meeting the Master of Peace to maturing in the Master’s Peace.

#33 Matt 5:10-12 Lose To Win

With this final beatitude in Matt 5:10-12, Jesus describes what kingdom subjects can expect when they live the ways of the kingdom. Not exactly something anyone would desire but Jesus declares the blessedness of those who are persecuted for His sake. And what these can decidedly look forward to are the great rewards they will receive from the King of kings!

#34 Matt 5:13 Salty Salt

The picture of salt was easily understood by Jesus’ original audience. But what does it mean to us as disciples of Jesus today? From this simple but rich symbol of salt, Henson teaches on Matt 5:13, drawing seven salty implications, whilst addressing faulty impressions, for consideration and application.

#35 Matt 5:14-16 Light Father Light Son

God is light. Jesus is the True Light. And those who believe are sons of light, and these are to be the light of the world. Note, however, that there are alternative sources of light that Christians must be wary of, both in the world and also in the Church. May we learn to discern that we may always shine through the good works of the kingdom that bring glory to the Father.

#36 Matt 5:17-20 Just Love Law

What did Jesus mean when He said that He came to fulfil the Law? Many have taken Matt 5:17-20 to say that the Law is no longer applicable to Christians. And especially for Gentile believers, all that is required is love. In this teaching, Henson addresses common misunderstandings and explains how the Law of Christ and the Love of Christ are both complementary and relevant for today.

#37 Matt 5:21-26 Anger Danger

Upholding the Law, Jesus moves from a general principle to six specific examples. In Matt 5:21-26, the King exposes a heart that is prone to uncontrolled anger. Left unchecked, who knows what it can lead to, or what it will result in? Should the 6th commandment be changed to “Thou shalt not be angry” then? Should we turn to anger management principles? Listen to this teaching to learn what is expected of kingdom subjects.

#38 Matt 5:27-30 Deal With Lust First

In Matt 5:27-30, Jesus reveals the root cause of adultery: lust. Man’s struggle with lust, adultery and sexual immorality is not a new one. Against a highly sexualised backdrop, Christians experience the same challenges too. After unpacking this passage, Henson provides ten practical points to help believers deal decisively with lust.

#39 Matt 5:31-32 The Divorce Dilemma

Are Christians allowed to divorce? Yes? No? Continuing with the next two verses (Matt 5:31-32) of Jesus’ discourse about adultery and lust, Henson explores the challenging, and often controversial, topic of divorce. After providing background and context, Henson then shares seven pastoral principles for consideration and application.

#40 Matt 5:33-37 Yea Yea Nay Nay

How do you take an oath truthfully and yet not be bound by it? In this next “you-have-heard-I-but-say-to-you” teaching in Matt 5:33-37, Jesus addresses the issue of empty promises and taking the name of God in vain. Building on context, Henson then shares principles for Christians, and brings awareness to how we may be committing the same mistakes without even realising it.

#41 Matt 5:38-42 Repayment Plan

Familiarity with the phrase “an eye for an eye” or “turn the other cheek” may not necessarily mean that one understands its context or meaning. In Matt 5:38-42, Jesus showed how the Law of Retaliation had become the Law of Tit-for-Tat. But living and led by the Holy Spirit, kingdom subjects have a different repayment plan.

#42 Matt 5:43-48 Practice Makes Perfect

Matt 5:43-48 may begin with neighbours and enemies, but ends with Father and sons. The subject is love, and the target is perfection. At the end, Henson shares practical tips on how believers can put into practice the seemingly impossible command of loving our enemies. The Father did it, and He expects His children to grow up into maturity that they too may be able to do the same.

#43 Matt 6:1-4 Secret Service

How we crave publicity and attention! Even in churches, ministries and assignments, there is such a strong tendency to be showy. In Matt 6:1-4, Jesus revealed the motivations of those who give to the poor. Challenging His disciples, Jesus assured them that God knows and sees all, and will duly reward. Likewise, we are all invited to join His Majesty’s Secret Service.

#44 Matt 6:5-9 When You Pray

Many books have been written about prayer. But what does Jesus, the King, say about the topic of prayer? Through seven points about prayer, this teaching from Matt 6:5-9 will help you review your prayer life and focus as you seek to align with the Father’s heart and mind for the things of the kingdom of God.

#45 Matt 6:9 That’s My Dad!

When we bring our petitions through prayer, do we truly know who we are talking to and how we are to approach God? From the opening line of the pattern of prayer that Jesus taught in Matt 6:9, Henson shares about the BIGNESS, CLOSENESS and AWESOMENESS of God. This teaching will encourage you to rediscover your relationship with Abba Father as you approach Him with reverent awe!

#46 Matt 6:10 Invite the Kingdom

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10 has become a very popular theme verse for seminars and conferences. Sounds good, but what does it really mean? For Christians raised in church sub-culture, many don’t understand kingdom implications. In this teaching, Henson presents the kingdom of God, shares the different views of the millennial kingdom, and challenges all kingdom representatives to be obedient to our kingdom assignments.

#47 Matt 6:11 Provision for the Mission

Understanding Matt 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.” in its kingdom context opens our eyes to see that it is so much more than just about the fulfilling of needs. Join Henson as he unpacks this one verse, word by word, to learn precious lessons about trust, reliance, community, stewardship and generosity. When we align with God’s kingdom and be about our kingdom assignments, the King promises to release provision for the mission.

#48 Matt 6:12;14-15 The Debt Trap

The sad truth is that so many are trapped in the debt of unforgiveness but are totally unaware of it. Even worse, some say that Matt 6:12 is no longer relevant for believers, hence disregarding this important teaching of Jesus. Henson addresses these and more in this session, showing that God has already provided the better way of forgiveness. Don’t be trapped or held back from kingdom assignments anymore!

#49 Matt 6:13a Detours & Distractions

When we don’t understand temptations, tests and trials, we may miss what God intends for us and end up being derailed, detoured and distracted from the purposes of the kingdom. Matt 6:13 is more than just a plea to be kept from temptations but one that asks for victory in and through temptations! Learn about the five temptations common to all, and the way not only to escape but also to overcome!

#50 Matt 6:13b Thine Not Mine

In this 50th teaching session of KINGDOM101, we conclude the Disciples’ Prayer with Matt 6:13b. This closing statement provides focus, perspective and hope. It reminds us that regardless of what is happening in the world, what we achieve in ministry, how well we fare in our kingdom assignments, it is ultimately God’s kingdom, enabled by His power, and He alone deserves all glory! Thine not mine.

#51 Matt 6:16-18 Fasting Frowns

In Matt 6:16-18, Jesus used fasting as the third illustration of how one is not to draw attention to himself where such acts of piety are concerned. This teaching examines the place of fasting in the lives of New Testament believers. Don’t miss the connection between the three examples that Jesus used, and the implications for those serious in knowing their kingdom assignments.

#52 Matt 6:19-24 True Treasures

When it comes to money, what is the right kingdom perspective? It’s best to listen to what the King has to say. In Matt 6:19-24, Jesus goes straight for the heart of the matter. Henson explores this passage in detail with a clear objective of helping believers understand what treasures in heaven are. To learn this well, make sure you listen right through to the end.

#53 Matt 6:25-34 No Worries

Matt 6:25-34 is a very familiar passage. Yet, Jesus’ teaching about money did not start here, but in the previous section. In this teaching, Henson draws five key points that help kingdom subjects live rightly, and how not to worry. Be reminded that these are premised on choices already made based on Matt 6:19-24.

#54 Matt 7:1-6 Planks Pigs & Pearls

When Jesus said “Do not judge,” what was He really addressing? Although many quote these words of Jesus, not as many are aware of the verses that follow, much less its right interpretation. Henson takes the trouble to teach Matthew 7:1-6 in its proper context, sharing seven principles for deeper contemplation, consideration and application.

#55 Matt 7:7-11 A.S.K. For What?

We know to pray and to ask. But do we know what we are to ask for? Contrary to popular belief, Matt 7:7-11 is not permission for believers to ask for anything and everything. Guided by proper context, Henson directs us back to all Jesus had been teaching throughout the Sermon on the Mount. Yes, it is very much still about the King and His kingdom. Learn about the five key items that we should be A.S.K.ing for, persistently.

#56 Matt 7:12 The Gold Standard

When Jesus spoke the words in Matt 7:12, He provided the Big Idea of the Sermon on the Mount. This has become known as the Golden Rule. For kingdom subjects, this is to be the Gold Standard that we are expected to live by. Henson takes creative licence and imagines how the sermon would sound if it were preached upside down, starting from Matt 7:12 backwards. Enjoy, and don’t miss the examples and applications along the way.

#57 Matt 7:13-14 Choose Life

Matt 7:13-14 begins the final section of Jesus’ concluding remarks to His kingdom message and manifesto. It is only one part of the entire conclusion. A familiar passage, but it cannot be understood if we have not first understood the Sermon on the Mount. A choice is clearly presented. The gate by which we enter will determine the way we travel, which in turn will determine where we end up and what we receive. How would you choose?

#58 Matt 7:15-20 Where Wolf?

What exactly did Jesus say about false prophets? Read and understood in context, Matt 7:15-20 becomes much clearer. The believer will find proper markers and benchmarks to process and evaluate prophets and the prophetic ministry. Finally, more than a focus on false prophets, Henson directs the believer’s attention to his or her own walk. Follow Jesus, the Shepherd.

#59 Matt 7:21-23 Not Everyone

It is easy to disregard Matt 7:21-23 and think that it does not apply at all. However, these are still the words of the King and it is important to consider what He is saying to all who consider themselves people of the kingdom. In this teaching, Henson clarifies that there is nothing with the WOW of the kingdom – prophecy, deliverance, miracles. But as impressive as these are, the WOW must always line up with the WILL and WAY of the King. In that day, may we not be counted amongst the “not everyone” of this passage.

#60 Matt 7:24-29 Kingdom Wise

The King brings His kingdom message to a close. Matt 7:24-29 is not a new teaching, but a conclusion of all Jesus had already taught. If anything, there is an even greater emphasis for kingdom people to pay careful attention. He urges disciples to be kingdom wise, to choose correctly and to build upon the right foundation by hearing and obeying Him.

#61 Matt 8:1 Mountain To Multitudes

In this teaching, launching from Matt 8:1, Henson provides a broad overview of how Matthew has organised his material. This big picture brings clarity and continuity as we move forward from the Sermon on the Mount to the next chapters. As Jesus moved from mountain to the multitudes, we are likewise challenged to do the same.

#62 Matt 8:2-4 Make Me Clean

Matt 8:2-4 records the first miracle account as Jesus moved from mountain to multitudes. At a glance, we see a physical healing but there is more to this than meets the eye. Henson brings an understanding of clean and unclean, both in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament, before drawing lessons from the leper’s approach and Jesus’ response.

#63 Matt 8:5-13 The Day Messiah Marvelled

Matt 8:5-13 is often used to encourage one to have faith to be healed. The centurion was, after all, commended by Jesus for having great faith. But what does this have to do with entry into the kingdom of God? Sadly, this point, Matthew’s main intent, is usually overlooked. Henson shares four key points from this familiar passage, and challenges with a fifth, reminding all that great faith is for great faithfulness. That is what truly matters in the kingdom of God.

#64 Matt 8:14-17 Super-Sub​

Through Matt 8:14-17, this teaching uncovers Matthew’s key intention for the recording of miracles. Although impressive and sought after, miracles are but signs that point to the main issue – Jesus, the Messiah who came as our Substitute. Henson uses this opportunity to address four frequently asked questions about healing. And then challenges all to consider: As we have been ministered to by the Messiah, like Peter’s mother-in-law, we must also arise to serve Jesus through our kingdom assignments.

#65 Matt 8:18-22 Read the Fine Print

Is being a Christian just about going to heaven? What does it mean to follow Jesus? Have you read the fine print? Listen to the King as He explains His expectations in Matt 8:18-22. For sure, Jesus desires all to follow Him. Even so, He defines what it means to follow Him. That said, He demands and deserves all of those who follow Him.

#66 Matt 8:23-27 All Aboard!

#66 Matt 8:23-27 All Aboard! There are so many lessons that can be derived from Matt 8:23-27 … discipleship, storms, peace, fear and faith. This teaching will consider these points, but we must not miss Matthew’s main intent. More than Jesus bailing us out of the storms of life, it is always about Jesus, the Messiah and King. Regardless the uncertainties and challenges that may come our way, He invites all to follow Him to the other side. All aboard!

#67 Matt 8:28-34 What Demons Know

Matthew 8:28-34 is the first detailed account of demons being cast out. From this encounter between Jesus and the demonised men, we can learn quite a lot from what demons know. Henson draws 9 points from this passage to remind believers that the spiritual realm is very real, that the battle rages on between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.

#68 Matt 9:1-8 Faith Facts

Matthew 9:1-8 records another healing miracle. Yet, again, there is more to it than meets the eye. Drawing from the facts of this account, Henson shares perspectives about faith: 7 faith facts that will encourage all in our faith journeys as we love and serve the Messiah and His kingdom.

#69 Matt 9:9-13 Go & Learn

Matthew 9:9-13 is about the miracle of Matthew, and the mercy of the Messiah. It is all too easy to view the Pharisees with disdain, yet miss the ‘pharisee’ in ourselves. This passage challenges us to consider what the kingdom of God is really about, to go back to basics, to go and learn what it truly means to be kingdom-minded believer of Jesus Christ.

#70 Matt 9:14-17 Fast Forward

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus responds to a Complaint with a Counter-question. After stating the Condition, He issues a Caution. And we would do well to heed the words of Jesus that we do not mix the new with the old. Clearly, the question is not if Christians should fast, but how Christians are to fast. But more than just another nice teaching about fasting, there must be Conviction before any would even consider fasting forward, looking to the Bridegroom’s return.

#71 Matt 9:18-26 Scene Stealer

Matthew 9:18-26 records two miracles, demonstrating Jesus’ authority over death and disease. Without doubt, the raising of the 12 year old girl was a powerful event! Yet, somehow, it is the woman with the issue of blood that steals the scene. Juxtaposed against Jairus, she enables us to better examine and appreciate the details surrounding both stories in this scene. Through it all, Jesus remains centrestage and receives all the glory!

#72 Matt 9:27-34 When You Are Alive

The miracles in Matthew 9:27-34 conclude two chapters of kingdom demonstration and training. Henson provides a broad overview of key themes before presenting the focus of this final group of miracles. Physical conditions reveal spiritual realities. The challenge is for those who consider themselves spiritually alive to check that they do not remain blind or mute, but are seeing, hearing, understanding, speaking and proclaiming the kingdom of God.

#73 Matt 9:35-38 Works Ahead

Following Jesus’ declaration and teaching, His demonstration and training, Matthew 9:35-38 provides the transition to the king’s delegation and tasking. Simply, there are works ahead and workers are needed. Sadly, the numbers remain few. The solution? Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out, to drive out, to push out, to thrust out workers.

#74 Matt 10:1-6 Team Jesus

Starting a new section, Henson provides an overview of the five discourses in Matthew, and the KINGDO101 expository journey thus far. What does it mean to be on Team Jesus? Matthew 10:1-6 outlines how disciples are to be aligned with Jesus, that we may be authorised by Jesus as we are appointed by Jesus and assigned for Jesus. In this teaching, Henson challenges believers to go beyond being good church members, to become faithful disciples on kingdom assignment for the king.

#75 Matt 10:7-15 As You Go

Matthew 10:7-15 contains instructions to Team Jesus as they move on their kingdom assignments. The priority is to proclaim the good news of the kingdom. On this note, we have a responsibility to represent Jesus and His kingdom rightly and accurately. Kingdom paradigms of power, grace and provision accompany the proclamation of the kingdom message. At the same time, be prepared for reactions, both positive and negative.

#76 Matt 10:16-25 Disciplesheep

Matthew 10:16-25 addresses an aspect of discipleship that we would rather ignore – persecution. And yet, these are the words of Jesus our King and Master, our Shepherd who prepares His sheep to be sent out amongst wolves! Be aware of the groups of people from which disciples may face possible challenge and persecution. Learn how we are to respond and why this is expected of those who consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ.

#77 Matt 10:26-31 Do Not Fear

After warning the disciples of possible persecution, Jesus tells them not to fear. This teaching of Matthew 10:26-31 explains why there is no need to fear men, or even death. More easily said than done? The key is to have the reverence of the fear of the Lord, and also the assurance of the love of the Father.

#78 Matt 10:32-39 Last Word First Place

Matthew 10:32-39 contains many contrasts. Jesus employs this literary device to its fullest to make a very clear and strong point. In this teaching, Henson uses the seven contrasts to establish that there is no question that Jesus will have the last word. The question is, does He take first place presently? How we represent Jesus before men today will determine how He presents us to the Father finally.?

#79 Matt 10:40-42 Receive Rewards

Jesus closes Matthew 10 on a positive note with the promise of rewards. In this teaching, Henson draws on context to explain the significance of prophets, righteous men and the little ones. With the focus on a kingdom community that receives one another in the face of threats and challenges, Henson shares five principles how that can be applied in present times.

#80 Matt 11:1-6 Not As Expected

Matthew 11:1-6 records John the Baptist’s own questions about Jesus as he wrestled with doubt and discouragement from prison. What happens when expectation and experience do not line up? Is doubt ever allowed when moving on kingdom assignments? What can we learn from Jesus’ answer to John’s question? Henson addresses these questions and more in this teaching.

#81 Matt 11:7-15 Kingdom Greatness

Questioned openly, Jesus affirms the person and ministry of John the Baptist openly. In doing so, He establishes His own Messiahship. And yet, the main point in Matthew 11:7-15 is about the kingdom of God and how it will continue to be opposed. Against this, and in spite of this, everyone is invited to kingdom greatness, to say ‘yes’ to serving the King.

#82 Matt 11:16-24 Laugh or Cry?

When it comes to understanding the aspects of the kingdom of God, there is so much to learn and grasp. Although Jesus and John appeared to be different in the way they ministered, they were both right and relevant. It wasn’t either/so but both/and. From Matthew 11:16-24, Henson shows how we can better embrace these tensions as we navigate the marketplace of ministries these days and also remain faithful to our own kingdom assignments.

#83 Matt 11:25-30 Good Yoke

Matthew 11:25-30 closes the entire episode surrounding John and Baptist and Jesus. The chapter began with the messenger but rightly ends with the Messiah. Jesus emphasises again the place of divine revelation and the expectation of personal response. When we accept the invitation of Jesus to take up His yoke and to learn from Him, we find rest even as we fulfil our responsibilities. Would you go the distance for Jesus and His Kingdom?

#84 Matt 12:1-8 Missing the Point

With increasing popularity comes increasing hostility against Jesus. Matthew 12:1-8 records the Pharisees reaction towards Jesus’ open invitation for all to learn from Him, taking issue with His disciples’ violation of the Sabbath. This teaching explores the principle of the Sabbath to explain how the Pharisees missed the point while doing their best to keep the Law. Henson closes the teaching with NT perspectives so that believers of Jesus will not miss the point of the Sabbath.

#85 Matt 12:9-14 Lawful? Awful?

Is it still lawful if lawful becomes awful? Matthew 12:9-14 is a continuation of that which started when Jesus invited all to take His yoke instead of the Pharisees’. From that invitation, followed by a confrontation, comes this demonstration by Jesus as He heals on the Sabbath. In this encounter with the religious leaders, we learn that legalism makes lawful awful, destroying ourselves and others.

#86 Matt 12:15-21 Positioned for Opposition

Matthew 12:15-21 closes Jesus’ encounter with the religious leaders. Quoting from Isaiah 42:1-4, this passage describes the nature of the Servant of the Lord. Learning from the example of Jesus, Henson shares seven principles of how we can be rightly positioned for opposition, and how we are to respond that we may continue faithfully on our kingdom assignments.

#87 Matt 12:22-30 Satan Bound

In Matthew 12:22-30, Jesus heals a demon-possessed man and is accused by the Pharisees of doing it by the power of Beelzebul or Satan. From Jesus’ rebuttal, we get to learn about Satan as well as the victory we have over him and his demons in the name of Jesus. In this teaching, Henson presents four kingdom principles and provides answers to FAQs like ‘When did Jesus bind Satan?’ and ‘Are Christians supposed to bind Satan and demons’

#88 Matt 12:31-32 The Point of No Return

What is the blasphemy against the Spirit, the unforgivable sin? Henson teaches from Matthew 12:31-32, staying in context and drawing from other parallel passages, showing that both unbelievers and believers must take heed to this warning by Jesus. This teaching will both challenge and encourage you.

#89 Matt 12:33-37 Heart Monitor

Matthew 12:33-37 is a continuation of Jesus’ response to the Pharisees’ opposition against Him. By exposing their words, Jesus exposed the true intent and condition of their hearts. The principle: to monitor the heart, check the mouth. How is your heart doing? What would your words and manner of speech reveal?

#90 Matt 12:38-42 Sign Here

After so many miracles and signs, the religious leaders asked Jesus for yet another sign. Surely, it’s not easy dealing with people who refuse to listen or get it. We can learn from Jesus through Matthew 12:38-42. Along the way, understand what the sign of the prophet Jonah refers to and how the phrase “three days and three nights” was fulfilled.

#91 Matt 12:43-45 Unoccupied

Matthew 12:43-45 may read like a teaching about deliverance but it is really more than that. Jesus was still addressing the Pharisees and His concern was more for the condition of that entire generation than just the deliverance of a man. The same concern extends to the people of the kingdom today. The same questions apply: What are we occupied with? Who are we occupied by?

#92 Matt 12:46-50 Family First

In Matthew 12:46-50, Jesus closes his discourse with a focus on the family: the kingdom family, a family of disciples, a family of faith. Henson provides foundational teaching about the family and what it means to belong to God’s family of faith and the expectations of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in Christ.

#93 Matt 13:10-17 kOS

Matthew 13 is the 3rd of the five major discourses of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew. In this teaching, Henson draws from Matthew 13:10-17 to lay kingdom foundations before getting into the kingdom parables in this chapter. Through the five points of People, Parables, Promise, Problem & Privilege, you will have a broad overview of the Kingdom Operating System (kOS) and the mysteries that have already been revealed.

#94 Matt 13:1-9;18-23 Sow How?

The Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:1-9;18-23 is very familiar to many and not difficult to understand. That said, therein lies the challenge. And that is exactly the point of the parable and what Jesus was trying to address. Henson presents this popular parable in three parts: SOW MUCH!, SOW WHAT? and SOW HOW? Listen once more with fresh ears and right hearts. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

#95 Matt 13:24-30 Side By Side

Jesus’ second parable in Matthew 13:24-30;36-43, the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, may contain similar elements as the first parable; but the focus is different. It is about faithful and fruitful sons of the kingdom being scattered in the world for the purposes of the kingdom, holding their own against the enemy’s agents, until the time of separation and glorification at the end of the age.

#96 Matt 13:31-33 Hide & Seed

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and Leaven in Matthew 13:31-33 seem to refer to the size of the kingdom of God. But do they? In this teaching, we will see that these parables are about the extent and the effect of the kingdom of God. Henson offers practical points for the believer to apply these principles of smallness and hiddenness for kingdom impact and influence.

#97 Matt 13:44-46 PRVW

Through the parables in Matthew 13, Jesus gives us a glimpse, a PReVieW, of the kingdom of God. The next two parables in Matthew 13:44-46 describe the radical responses of those who discovered the treasure and the pearl of great price. Why then does not everyone respond in the same way? Henson dives more deeply to consider the PRice and the Value of the kingdom of God, leaving the individual to determine its Worth for himself or herself.

#98 Matt 13:47-50 All Sorts

The Parable of the Dragnet in Matt 13:47-50 can be neatly summarised by two points: “all sorts” and “all sorted”. After teaching about this parable, Henson presents the main point as presented through all seven parables. But that is not the end. Instead, in the next two verses (Matt 13:51-52), there is an encore, an eighth parable, an extension, an expectation of all who hear and understand.

#99 Matt 13:53-58 Who Wants To Be A Prophet?

Immediately after teaching about how the kingdom operates through the kingdom parables, in Matt 13:53-58, Matthew records the rejection of Jesus in his own hometown. From this, we learn that kingdom assignments are prophetic in nature. Not surprising. After all, the Body of Christ is a prophetic kingdom community. Henson utilises this opportunity to highlight the prophetic ministry and challenge every believer: Are you ready to be a prophet?

#100 Matt 14:1-12 Head to Head

When the prophetic voice calls for repentance and righteousness, there is every possibility that it will be rejected and even removed. Matthew 14:1-12 describes the confrontation between John the Baptist and Herod Antipas, resulting in the forerunner’s execution. Listen to this teaching to learn how, even through his death, John points to and hands over to Jesus. The kingdom continues to advance. The prophetic voice rings on.

#101 Matt 14:13-21 Who Me? Yes You!

Clearly, the feeding miracle of Matthew 14:13-21 declares Jesus as the Messiah. But what does it mean for us who are disciples and kingdom subjects? Who me? Yes you! Henson draws seven kingdom principles to guide all who are moving purposefully on kingdom assignments.

#102 Matt 14:22-36 The Other Side

This teaching marks and celebrates five years of KINGDOM101 since the first session in March 2015. In this 102nd session, Henson Lim teaches from Matthew 14:22-36, the account of Jesus walking on water. We all have an “other side” to get to. However, when we face oppositions and challenges along the way, would we give up or keep going forward? The key lies in knowing who Jesus is, getting to Him and staying in Christ – by faith. In these uncertain times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, may this encourage you to keep moving on your assignment, knowing that in spite of the many disruptions, the kingdom is still advancing.

#103 Matt 15:1-9 Wash Your Hands

Matthew 15:1-9 records yet another confrontation between Jesus and the religious leaders. This time, the issue is that of the tradition of the elders. Whilst tradition is not bad in itself, it can detract us from what is truly essential and miss the heartbeat of God.

#104 Matt 15:10-20 A Different Track

After dealing with the scribes and pharisees, Jesus addresses the multitudes and disciples in Matthew 15:10-20. In this teaching, Henson explains how easy it is to go off the wrong track and miss the kingdom track that Jesus desires us to get and stay on. Often, we consider things from the outside in when our King wants to rule and reign over our hearts that we can live from the inside out.

#105 Matt 15:21-28 What She Knew

In Matthew 15:21-28, Jesus marvels at the Canaanite woman’s great faith! Her great faith was not blind faith but grounded firmly on what she knew about Jesus and His kingdom. In this teaching, Henson examines what she knew, as well as what Jesus knew. This is so that we can learn and know what we need to know that we may also respond rightly with great faith as the woman did.

#106 Matt 15:29-39 Fringe Guy

Matthew 15:29-39 seems to be just an account of yet another feeding miracle. But, is it? Viewed in proper context, it is so much more than merely how massively the Messiah can multiply. Matthew’s message goes much deeper and broader, clearly declaring that the kingdom of God is for all. Yes, including those on the fringe. And Jesus, the Fringe Guy, demonstrates this so beautifully through the feeding of the 4,000.

#107 Matt 16:1-4 Red Alert

Red Alerts are warning signs that the enemy is approaching or that danger is imminent. In Matthew 16:1-4, to the Pharisees and Sadducees, Jesus was the common enemy. However, Jesus warns of more critical signs that they are not seeing and the most important one they must not miss. These red alerts are still and especially relevant in the times we live in.

#108 Matt 16:5-12 Leaven Lookout

In Matthew 16:5-12, Jesus gives His disciples another leaven lesson. Jesus’ warning to look out for erroneous teachings and negative influences is critically applicable for believers today. Our faith must be one that matures, understands and discerns kingdom paradigms and perspectives.

#109 Matt 16:13-20 On This Rock

Matthew 16:13-20 is often referred to as the high point or climax of the gospel where Peter declares that famous line, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” To this end, the lessons here are also pivotal for those who regard themselves as people of the kingdom of God. Henson shares four alignment check points for followers of the Christ.

#110 Matt 16:21-27 I Got in the Way

It’s always easier to blame something or someone for getting in the way. Drawing from Matthew 16:21-27, learning from Peter’s rebuke of Jesus, this teaching will reveal that the “I” in each of us is usually the barrier that keeps us from kingdom purposes and assignments.

#111 Matt 17:1-13 Sneak Peak

Matthew 16:28 – 7:13 records the Transfiguration of Jesus. Up on the peak, the disciples were given a sneak peek – a glimpse – of the glory of the Christ and His kingdom. More than just a high point, how are we to respond to the revelations and insights the Lord reveals to us from time to time? Henson draws practical application for the spiritual walk and kingdom assignments.

#112 Matt 17:14-23 Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Matthew 17:14-23 is about discipleship and faith. When push came to shove, when it mattered, how did the disciples fare? Where the rubber meets the road, how do we fare? Note the way the Master trained His disciples. Much to glean for our own discipleship and disciple-making initiatives.

#113 Matt 17:24-27 Unshekeled

Is Matthew 17:24-27 merely about supernatural provision of tax money? At first glance, it may appear to be so. However, there is so much more when the background of the half-shekel tax is examined. In this teaching about kingdom freedom and kingdom giving, Henson will touch on tax, tradition, trap … and tithe.

#114 Matt 18:1-5 I Kid You Not

Matthew 18:1-5 provides the key to right relationships in the kingdom community. It also lays the foundation and sets the tone for the next teachings. Can relationship challenges in the Body of Christ be resolved? Removed? Is this even possible? Yes. Seriously. I kid you not.

Matthew 18:6-9 is about scandals, stumbling stones (oops!) and sin. The King is very serious about righteousness in the kingdom community. And about protecting His people from unrighteousness. Jesus clearly warns against stumbling others. We are instead to look out for one another.

#116 Matt 18:10-14 Who’s Missing?

Matthew 18:10-14 is a continuation of how we are to relate to one another in the kingdom community. In this teaching, Jesus tells the familiar parable of the lost sheep, reminding and challenging us to always be mindful of who’s missing. Henson draws three key points from the parable before sharing implications for the kingdom community.

#117 Matt 18:15-20 All For One

Matthew 18:20 is well known and often quoted in opening prayers – “where two or three are gathered together in My name”. Interestingly, what is not as known are the verses that come before and what the entire passage is about. Still on the theme of relationships, Matthew 18:15-20 addresses discipline in the kingdom community. This teaching will consider the process as prescribed by Jesus, the challenges of implementation, as well as how to apply Matthew 18:20 correctly.

#118 Matt 18:21-35 Counter Measure

As believers and followers of Jesus, we know that we are to forgive. However, many still struggle with this instruction. Can we ignore it altogether? After all, aren’t we already forgiven and saved? Even worse, why should we keep forgiving if the other party is unrepentant? Unfair? Henson considers these concerns in this session on Matthew 18:21-35 through the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. This teaching closes Jesus’ kingdom discourse in Matthew 18 about relationships in the kingdom community.

#119 Matt 19:1-12 Wrong Questions Right Answers

In Matthew 19:1-12, the Pharisees came with intentions to test and trap Jesus. They asked wrong questions about divorce but Jesus provided right answers about marriage. This teaching shows our questions can reveal our focus but God’s answers will always reveal His heart. Knowing the difference will enable us to live out the spirit of the law, and not simply get by with the letter of the law.

#120 Matt 19: 13-15 The Q to HQ

In Matthew 19:13-15, parents queued for Jesus to bless their children. The disciples rebuked them for disturbing Jesus. In turn, Jesus rebuked the disciples for missing the point. Again. But what exactly is the point? More than just lining up for a prayer of blessing, the King uses the little children to explain and show the right Q to get to Kingdom HQ. For to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.

#121 Matt 19:16-26 Pride’s Plight

In Matthew 19:16-26, after meeting the young man, Jesus mentioned to His disciples that it is hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. Is it still the same today as it was then? Or has it been made possible and easier now by simply believing in Jesus? Considering this passage in its context will reveal so much more than what we typically understand of this familiar account.

#122 Matt 19:27-20:16 What’s in It for Me?

If the rich young man left sad and empty, what can those who follow Jesus expect? That was Peter’s burning question, “What’s in it for me?” (And ours too.) Can we ask about rewards? Should we even be motivated by rewards? Jesus provides the answer. And then proceeds to explain – through the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard – how kingdom rewards are given and what is the right perspective to have. Surprise! Surprise!

#122 Matt 19:27-20:16 What’s in It for Me?

If the rich young man left sad and empty, what can those who follow Jesus expect? That was Peter’s burning question, “What’s in it for me?” (And ours too.) Can we ask about rewards? Should we even be motivated by rewards? Jesus provides the answer. And then proceeds to explain – through the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard – how kingdom rewards are given and what is the right perspective to have. Surprise! Surprise!

#123 Matt 20:17-28 Minus Points

Strangely, amongst believers, there seems to be an aversion to the idea of greatness, as if it is wrong to desire significance in the kingdom of God. But is it? In Matthew 20:17-28, upon hearing Jesus’ prediction about His death and resurrection, James and John requested for top positions. Instead of chiding them for having lofty ambitions, Jesus clarified the way to be great and first. Note the plus points in this teaching. Even so, don’t miss the minus points.

#124 Matt 20:29-34 Two See Twos

In Matthew 20, the account of Jesus healing two blind men seems a little out of place. Was it just about the two who finally get to see? Perhaps there is more than meets the eye. Henson takes a closer look at Matthew 20:29-34 and discovers lessons that will help us align with Jesus and His kingdom.

#125 Matt 21:1-11 Peace Please

What is peace to you? What would you do for peace? Matthew 21:1-11 describes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem amidst the festivities and celebration of the Passover season, At first glance, hardly a picture of peace. A deeper dive into the fulfilment of two OT passages will reveal the answer to the cry of every heart: Peace, please.

#126 Matt 21:12-17 Housekeeping

Matthew 21:12-17 presents a side of Jesus that many would not like to know or talk about – an angry Jesus who chases people out, overturns tables and upsets the leaders. We cannot imagine Him doing the same thing today. Would He? Could He?

#127 Matt 21:18-22 Curses & Leaves

What do we make of Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Matthew 21:18-22? It’s tempting to ignore such accounts and rationalise that He no longer does that. Or that such curses do not apply to us. On the contrary, the rarity of such incidents should highlight the seriousness of such pronouncements. While Jesus presents a warning against fruitlessness, He also provides the way to fruitfulness.

#128 Matt 21:23-27 Don’t Act Blur

In Matthew 21:23-27, Jesus encounters the temple authorities who promptly questions His authority. In true rabbinic form, Jesus responds with His own question and catches them all by surprise. Not wishing to commit, they play the ‘we-do-not-know’ card. In Singlish, this is called ‘acting blur’. Bad move. Especially when it comes to acknowledging Jesus’ authority, don’t act blur.

#129 Matt 21:28-32 Two Sons

In Matthew 21:28-32,  the Parable of the Two Sons is simple and straightforward. That said, it is also surprising and shocking. On one hand, it focuses on doing. Yet, on the other hand, it seems to be about believing. Which is it? What exactly was Jesus telling the religious leaders? What is He saying to us as sons and daughters of God?

#130 Matt 21:33-48 Stand By Fruit

Matthew 21:33-46 is a parable about the expectation and inspection of fruit. It is also about the rejection of accountability as well as authority. Applied to Israel, both the leaders and the nation did not fare too well. As Jesus’ kingdom community, how would the Church fare when the time comes for us to ‘stand by fruit’? How would you fare?

#131 Matt 22:1-14 Dress Right

The Parable of the Wedding Feast in Matthew 22:1-14 is about two groups of people with two different responses to God’s gracious invitation to His kingdom. Rejection of the invitation brings with it a dire consequence. Acceptance comes with a condition – to honour the dress code. This teaching considers what it means to dress right, to be rightly dressed for the kingdom party.

#132 Matt 22:15-22 Return to Rightful Owner

Is Matthew 22:15-22 just about money and taxes? Or is there something more than meets the eye? Trust Jesus to turn a malicious trap into another teaching moment. It is an object lesson about ownership from the image and inscription on a Roman coin. A lesson for now. And also for what is to come at the end of the age.

#133 Matt 22:23-33 The End

In Matthew 22:23-33, the Sadducees attempt to show that the resurrection is a ridiculous idea. But is it? What happens when we die? Is the end really the end? What if we think it is the end but it is not the end? Is there life after death? If so, how should we live before we die?

#134 Matt 22:34-40 Agreeing & Aligning To Love

Matthew 22:34-40 records the third round of questioning against the Jesus. However, unlike the previous two, Jesus’ answer was totally consistent with the Pharisees’ position about the greatest commandment. That said, agreement does not necessarily mean alignment. This teaching considers what it truly means to love God and love others so that we do not merely agree but also fully align with Jesus our King.

#135 Matt 22:41-46 Full Marks

In Matthew 22:41-46, Jesus asks His question and redirects everyone back to the main issue – Christ. The Pharisees knew the Scriptures extremely well. But when it came to acknowledging Jesus as the Christ, that was a totally different matter. Right answers may earn full marks but still not produce the right response. Henson shares pertinent pointers for personal processing.

#136 Matt 23:1-12 Do Not Do

Jesus has many things to say about kingdom leadership; as well as to those who lead His kingdom people. For leaders, Matthew 23 must be the least favourite chapter and the hardest to stomach. That said, in Matthew 23:1-12, there is much to learn from the mistakes of the scribes and Pharisees so we know what to do – or as we will see from this teaching – what to do not do.

#137 Matt 23:13-36 From Bad To Woes

Would a loving and gracious Jesus pronounce a series of woes upon the scribes and Pharisees? Well, that was exactly what He did in Matthew 23:13-36. He had absolutely no choice but to warn them because things had already gone from bad to worse. And Jesus did what He did because He was loving and gracious. Henson takes us through the seven woes and shares seven reminders for kingdom leaders and people.

#138 Matt 23:37-39 Alignment Chicks

Would a loving and gracious Jesus pronounce a series of woes upon the scribes and Pharisees? Well, that was exactly what He did in Matthew 23:13-36. He had absolutely no choice but to warn them because things had already gone from bad to worse. And Jesus did what He did because He was loving and gracious. Henson takes us through the seven woes and shares seven reminders for kingdom leaders and people.

#139 Matt 24:1-3 Temple Talk

 Matthew 24:1-3 is about Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of the temple, prompting the disciples’ question about His coming. Although His disciples marvelled at the temple buildings, Jesus was not impressed at all. Reduced to just religion and rituals, the temple sorely missed God’s original intent and the purposes of the kingdom. This teaching gets into some serious temple talk and ends with five key points for the Church as the God’s temple today.

#140 Matt 24:3-14 Expecting & Expected

When it comes to the topic of the end times – eschatology – Matthew 24:3-14 is one of the go-to passages, as well as the proof text, that Jesus is coming very soon. Was that the Lord’s intent? Context will reveal that the emphasis is more on what to expect while expecting His return. And what Jesus expects of all who are expecting. Henson reviews the eschatological setting and what is expected of disciples as we expect the end.

#141 Matt 24:15-31 See See See

Christians generally agree that Jesus is coming back. But not everyone holds the same view of how the events leading up to His return may unfold. Or when. There are just so many different interpretations, theories and positions. Take heart. There is no need to be distracted, confused or fearful. In Matthew 24:15-31, Jesus shows us what we should be looking out for.

#142 Matt 24:32-36 Summery Statement

In Matthew 24:32-36, Jesus wraps up His reply with a statement about summer. More accurately, how to know when summer is approaching. Or shall we say … when it gets sort of summery? Guess that makes the parable of the fig tree a summary statement.

#143 Matt 24:36-44 All Must Know

In Matthew 24:36-44, when Jesus said that “no one knows”, what exactly did He mean? Although clearly communicated, this has caused considerable confusion within the Body of Christ. For some, it’s a closed case. For others, it’s a clue. Careful. That in end-time discussions about knowing or not knowing, we do not end up missing what all must know.

#144 Matt 24:45-51 Return Mindset

So much has been said about the return of Jesus. What do all these mean to you? Is it all just nice-to-know information to you? Or do you have a Return Mindset – a mind set on the return of Jesus? Drawing from the parable in Matthew 24:45-51, Henson shares four reasons why having such a mindset is absolutely critical.

#145 Matt 25:1-13 High Five Low Five

Many have tried to decipher the Parable of the 10 Virgins, applying different interpretations and attaching different meanings to the elements of this parable. What if that was not Jesus’ intent at all? And it is really much simpler than what we make it out to be? That said, simple does not mean easy. Henson notes five reminders and draws five pertinent implications from five wise and five foolish virgins.

#146 Matt 25:14-30 Working While Waiting

We know we have to wait for Jesus’ return. But what do we do while waiting? Through the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus provides what might be the clearest directions on how to be ready and prepared. Let those who have ears hear what Jesus is looking for when He returns to settle accounts. May we be found not just desiring but truly deserving of the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

#147 Matt 25:31-46 Separated

Jesus’ final teaching about the separation of the sheep and the goats is easy to read but not quite as easy to understand or to accept. Henson tackles some tough questions in Matthew 25:31-46. Who are the nations? Who are the brethren? Who are the ones being separated? Who is Jesus really referring to?


#148 Matt 26:1-5 Plots & Plans

Something was cooking in the plots and plans of the religious leaders and it sure didn’t look good for Jesus. In Matthew 26:1-5, the Son of Man would be served a curved ball. He saw it coming, yet stepped up to the plate and moved purposefully on His kingdom assignment. Would you?

#149 Matt 26:6-13 Jarred

In Matthew 26:6-13, when the woman broke the alabaster jar and anointed Jesus, those present were indignant, resentful, grieved, vexed, very upset, extremely angry. We could say that it jarred them rather deeply. How would you have responded?

#150 Matt 26:14-16 Sold Out

As a disciple, leaving all to follow Jesus, Judas was sold out for the King and the causes of the kingdom. Who would have thought that Jesus would finally be sold out by one initially sold out for Him? How does one start out sold out only to end up selling out? Through Matthew 26:14-16, we will learn about Judas: the man, the motive, the price and the prophetic point.

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