An Expository Journey through the Gospel of Matthew


embrace the kingdom

An Expository Journey by Henson Lim

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Alignment Check

More than just another bible study, KINGDOM101 is an invitation to embark on a journey of kingdom alignment. Anyone can plug in at any point. It’s not a typical course to be completed. It’s about having the right kingdom foundation for kingdom assignments!​

Trek Through Matthew

Regarded as a kingdom manual, the gospel of Matthew is our text. Written to the Jews, the people of God, who needed a fresh revelation of the kingdom then, we believe that this declaration will likewise awaken the church afresh to the kingdom of God today.​

Expository Series

We live in a day where biblical literature is readily available. However, unfortunately, biblical literacy is very low amongst believers. KINGDOM101 is an expository journey that dives back into Scripture, allowing the Word of God to speak to us in its totality.

Open To Everyone

Regardless of church affiliations, denominations and worship styles, all are welcome at KINGDOM101. No registration is required. No fees to be paid. All that is required is a desire to know Jesus the King, to embrace His Kingdom and to receive kingdom assignments.

Kingdom Of God

The invitation is to all to rediscover the kingdom of God. We are in a season where believers must discern the difference between the church and the kingdom of God, that we may rightly understand the church in the context of the kingdom of God.​

About Henson

Henson Lim is the founder of Archippus Awakening and also the author of Say to Archippus and Alignment Check. Called to the ministry of teaching and preaching, he declares the Word of God with a passion to spur others to rise above mediocre Christianity that they may live lives worthy of their calls in Jesus Christ.

God used the KINGDOM101 teaching on the genealogy of Jesus to convict my heart that God’s redemptive purposes were about fulfilling His perfect will through very imperfect people, even and especially myself.

Daryl Chia

Pastor Henson has indeed taught the Word of the Kingdom plainly and truthfully; and needless to say, his teachings have been a constant jolt that obedience is a lifelong commitment that is actionable and never to be taken for granted. I recommend Kingdom101 to all with a desire to follow King Jesus and to know Him in a deeper and uncensored way.

Yvonne Lim

Kingdom 101 has given me a fresh perspective of what it means to be living under God's reign over our lives. Seeing Jesus as King has also made me more mindful about the things I engage in, and learning to watch, wait and move as He brings me from place to place according to His will.

Daryl Tan

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